Facethetics and Medical Board Guidelines - How Do We Comply?

Where is it suitable to do a minor cosmetic injectable treatment according to Medical Board Guidelines?

The Medical Board Guidelines do not specify where cosmetic procedures can be provided.

Section 11 of the Australian Medical Board Guidelines states that procedures should be performed in a facility that is appropriate for the level of risk involved in the procedure. Facilities should be appropriately staffed and equipped to manage possible complications and emergencies.

Facethetics strict environmental policy, our risk management procedures we adhere to, and our extensive emergency equipment and protocols ensure that our risk to patients in a mobile setting is always kept a low level, appropriate to the treatments offered, and that we're appropriately equipped to effectively manage any emergency situation.

How do you make sure the environment in a home is safe and sterile?

Facethetics has strict standards in place for where we will inject, in what setting, environment, and protocols that our Nurse's follow. We will only inject in a room with a non-porous floor (eg a tiled kitchen or bathroom). There must be handwashing facilities available, with clear and easy access. We will only use our own injecting bed or chair, which our Nurse's sanitize before and after every use. We will use a sanitized surface sheet, and sanitized kidney dish for all our treatment materials.

We have strict standards for the type of environment we will provide treatments. The home must be sanitary, free from clutter, and free from hazardous objects in the treatment area, with completely clear bench or table space that our Nurse's will sanitize. Any pets must be secured and unable to access the treatment area. The area must be equivelant to the minimum standards required by our hygiene and infection control policy. Our Nurse's will always refuse to provide a treatment in an environment that does not meet the minimum requirements for safe and hygienic treatment as set our in Facethetics' policy and procedures manual, and the Medical Board Guidelines.

Does Facethetics ever refuse to treat a patient based on the environment not being in line with your minimum requirements?

Absolutely. We are unable by law to provide a cosmetic injectable treatment in an environment that does not comply with relevant regulations, laws, and standards. We have refused treatments in an unsatisfactory home environment, and we will not hesitate to refuse treatment if our minimum standards are not met. It is part of our terms and conditions policy, that our clients agree to upon booking, that they aware of our minimum environmental standards, that these will be provided and adhered to in their chosen booking location, and that they are aware we will be unable to provide treatment if these are not met.

Does Facethetics offer all cosmetic injectable treatments? What about higher risk treatments?

No. Facethetics does not provide high risk minor cosmetic injectable treatments. These include, but are not limited to, Glabella area Filler, Naso area Filler, and can include Tear Trough Filler. As a clinic this is part of our policy to minimize the risk to our patients in a mobile clinic setting.

What do Facethetics' patients do if there is an emergency or they feel unwell after you leave?

Every Facethetics client is given an aftercare pack, which includes our aftercare, immediate post treatment, and emergency instructions.

We always advise our patients to contact their doctor or emergency services if they feel there is in a emergency situation.

Facethetics is contactable 24 hours a day on our emergency contact line, 04 35 25 3223. Our contracted doctors are available to give you medical advice 24/7, in the event of an emergency. We're much more contactable and available than your 'standard' cosmetic injectable clinic - that is only available to patients during standard opening hours.

What emergency medical equipment are Facethetics Nurse's equipped with?

All our Nurses come equipped with emergency procedures, equipment, and training. Included in every Facethetics kit, that we have next to us at every appointment, is;

- An Epipen (adrenaline)

- Hylase (hyaluronidase)

- Saline

- Syringes

- Asprin

- Glucose gel sachets

- Heat pads

- Silicone adult size resuscitation mask

- Manual resuscitation bag

We're required to show our prescribing doctor at every appointment that we are currently carrying hylase and adrenaline at a minimum. Our extensive emergency kits and procedures, are in line with the same equipment available to most nurses, at most cosmetic injectable clinics.


What is Facethetic's emergency situation protocol? Do you have one?

Yes. Facethetics has a strong emergency policy in place, that all our Nurses are provided with, and trained on. We've effectively managed minor patient incidents before.

We know how to use hylase in an emergency situation, have a 24/7 contact line to our doctors, and we have training on advanced resuscitation techniques. We don't hesitate to call our on call doctor, or emergency services if required. Patient safety is our top priority.

We also have a health and safety policy in place to ensure the safety of our Nurses in a mobile setting. We have gps tracking through our booking system, and we know where our Nurses are at all times.

Facethetics also doesn't offer the higher risk cosmetic injectable treatments, which, along with our strict environmental policy, emergency procedures, and our fully stocked emergency equipment kit, keeps our patient risk at a low, manageable level.

How do you keep prescription medications safe if you're mobile?

We use prescription medications - so keeping these safe and secure whilst in our patient's homes is very important.

We use locked medication storage boxes. We keep our anti-wrinkle medication at a controlled temperate range by using medication mini fridges, which we also keep locked.

Patients never have open and easy access to our medications. We also keep an S4 drug schedule with every Facethetics kit - so we know exactly which medication, and what amount of medication, has been used by each of our nurses.

How do you manage sharps and medical waste in a mobile setting?

All of our Facethetics kits are equipped with multiple sharps containers. Used syringes or needle tips are always disposed of immediately into our medical grade sharps containers, and all our nurses are trained on safe handling of sharps and medical waste.

We have medical waste disposal bags in each of our Facethetics kits, and any medical waste is never left at or disposed of at our mobile booking locations - it's always taken with us, by our nurses, and disposed of appropriately by Facethetics management.

How is having a mobile clinic come to me, different from me going to a rented storefront in my neighbourhood?

The truth is, it's not. We have exactly the same training, facilities, emergency procedures, emergency equipment and staffing as most cosmetic injectable clinics. The majority of cosmetic injectable clinics are run by highly trained nurses - like ours - using an offsite doctor to oversee their operation - like us. The emergency equipment available to most in clinic cosmetic nurses is the exact emergency equipment our nurses keep next to them. Most in 'clinic' locations, are a rented storefront, staffed by nurses. The only difference with us, is that we come to our clients. Our risk management procedures are exactly the same - or in a lot of cases, more extensive.

Are Facethetics' prescribing arrangements for my cosmetic injectable treatments in line with medical board guildlines?

Yes. Medical board guidelines state our prescribing doctors must have a consultation with our patients, either in person or by video.

At Facethetics, like most clinics, our prescribing doctors are offsite, and our patients will do a skype consultation with them before any treatment. After our doctors issue their prescription, our patients have a prescription for anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments, that is valid for one year.

As per medical board guidelines, our medical practitioners are always contactable by our nurses and able to respond if required. 

Is Facethetics the only clinic offering mobile cosmetic injections?

Absolutely not!  There are many mobile cosmetic injection clinics and nurses operating, both in Queensland and interstate - including existing clinics who offer a mobile nurse injector service, and many independent nurses who offer their injectable services in client's homes, as part of a franchise style system they're part of. We also see ourselves as a tiny part of an already existing huge home care industry - from home nurses, doctors, aged care, to even at home chemotherapy.

Facethetics believes we're one of the most well run, and comprehensive mobile injectable clinics, and we pride ourselves on our high level of risk management, environmental, and emergency procedure standards.

Is Facethetics Pout+Platter Party associated with alcohol consumption?

No. We used the term 'Pout+Platter Party' for our marketing purposes - but this is essentially a group booking. We have a zero treatment alcohol policy. This is outlined in our terms and conditions that clients agree to on booking, in our FAQ's section, and always reiterated by our nurses at any group booking.

Occaisionally we serve non-alcoholic champagne only. We always make it clear on any of our marketing images, that this is non-alcoholic.

We support our nurses right to refuse treatment to any patient they believe may be intoxicated, and whilst we do market our 'Pout+Platter Party', this is not in any way associating alcohol consumption with cosmetic injectable treatments - it's a convenient way for our clients to make a booking for three or more people, and enjoy our complimentary gourmet platter.