Payment Plan Calculator

Our payment plans can have a few extra fees. We have a 3.99% payment plan fee, and a $39 admin plan set-up fee. We can only pass on to you the cost of payment plans fees; they're always a 'no-profit' service for us to keep any fees to you as low as possible!

We always preference PayRight Payment Plans if you're eligible for one. If you have a poor credit rating, you're not currently working, or you're not an Australian citizen, you will likely not be approved for a PayRight Payment Plan, and will need a minimum 20% deposit for a DebitSuccess Payment Plan.

We also have DebitSuccess Payment Plans, as a backup for you, if PayRight declines your application.

We always take a minimum of a 10-20% deposit on the day of your treatment; depending on the type of payment plan you're eligible for. This is payable by Mastercard or Visa credit or debit card only. It must be the same card you're using for your repayments.

We then spread the remainder of your treatment cost over weekly or fortnightly payments, starting one week from the date of your treatment.

PayRight Payment Plans are spread over a minimum of 4 even fortnightly payments.

DebitSuccess Payment Plans are spread over 6 even weekly payments.

We also take a copy of your Australian citizen or resident photo ID, which is held securely on file with us. 

You're always welcome to pay a higher deposit to bring your repayments down. Just let us know if you'd like to!